Sabtu, 21 Maret 2020

Dr. Corona vs. coronavirus: Muhammadiyah special center fighting COVID-19 in Indonesia

Indonesia’s second-largest Islamic organization has officially entered the national battle against the coronavirus by establishing the Muhammadiyah COVID-19 Command Center (MCCC) and putting an aptly named physician, Corona Rintawan, in charge.
The organization has dedicated all of its facilities and wings under the Muhammadiyah Philanthropic Initiative (AUM) to help the government fight the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.
"All of the AUM [outlets] will move massively and in an integrated way to provide strategic mitigation against the spread of the virus,” MCCC head Corona told a press conference at the Muhammadiyah Dakwah Center in Jakarta, as quoted by the organization’s official website,, on Tuesday.
Muhammadiyah has designated 20 top-tier hospitals on Java and Sumatra and in Kalimantan for the coronavirus fight. These hospitals are now listed as government referral centers for COVID-19 cases.
Muhammadiyah said the 20 hospitals are ready to apply standard procedures to handle cases, as well as conduct decontamination and contingency actions.
The Islamic organization also prepared about 30,000 AUM outlets to disseminate information on COVID-19 and its prevention.
Corona, a physician himself, said that MCCC has two dedicated programs for the COVID-19 battle: “Safari”, which is about raising the awareness of risk factors, and, “Gemes”, which involves donating face masks.
The Safari program encourages people to educate themselves about COVID-19, so they are aware of any risks from the disease. The program also suggests people self-quarantine whenever necessary.
Meanwhile, the Gemes program encourages people to help others by giving face masks to those with the flu. The program raises the awareness of the importance of helping others and eradicating selfish acts.
Muhammadiyah also optimizes the role of takmir (mosque management) in educating the congregation by encouraging them to bring their own sajadah (praying mats) to mosques to prevent infection, conduct ablution thoroughly and pray at home if they are sick. (gis)

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